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Jay North
Mr. North has been featured in People Magazine, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The New Yorker, and thousands of other publications. Moreover Jay has appeared on The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, World News, Sunday Magazine, and hundreds of other TV and radio talk shows voicing informed opinions on edible flowers and organic farming.
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Jay’s Organic Corner:
Tips For Healthful Living

By Jay North

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“Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Daisies are Yellow and you can eat those too.” Edible Flowers are back, and people are eating them with relish, all over the world.

The ever popular edible flowers made famous by Paradise Farms as well as yours truly and my former wife Pamela (now deceased) are making a big comeback in fancy restaurants and hotels all over the world. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to spend a fortune to try them out for yourself. Cooking with edible flowers is easy, and they are just as easy to grow on you own. All you need is a small porch or windowsill, and you are halfway to enjoyment of these wonderful edible treats.

Important note: Not all flowers are edible, and some can make you quite sick, so be sure you know the flowers you are about to consume are, in fact, safe for human consumption. Check with the Guide To Cooking With Edible Flowers or the AMA* list of safe edible plants.

Here are just a few that I know to be safe:
? The Ever-Popular Nasturtiums,
? Pansies,
? Roses,
? Petunias, and
? Flowering Herbs such as Basil, Rosemary, Lavender and Borage.

The gay 80’s brought us not-so-great music, the Reagan Era, and, thankfully, fancy gourmet treats. These treats include things to eat that were not so well known before, like Potpourri Pepper Steak made with venison and lavender--one of my own recipes. Another of my favorites is Lemon Thyme Salmon. I serve both of these dishes along with a beautifully mixed array of edible flower salads.

Now anyone can enjoy cooking and growing edible flowers, with or without land! How? By growing organically in a windowsill garden, and I am going to tell you how. I will give you the tips you need and tell you how to get started for around only $25.00, with no big outlay for training manuals or fancy tools.

Two Fancy & Tasty Recipes Your Family Will Love You For

1. Potpourri Lavender Steak

Using a quality-cut of organic, farm-raised Venison, place steaks on a plate along with olive oil mixed with herbs. The herbs I use are Lavender, Garlic and Pepper.

Broil to perfection, but so the steaks are not over-cooked.
Garnish with fresh lavender buds.

2. Rosemary Lamb

Follow the same instructions as above replacing Lavender with Rosemary.

Right on top of the cooked meat, garnish with tiny, blue buds of Rosemary,

Growing Tips:

Grow edible flowers in your windowsill or on a well-lit back porch. As with most flowers, the edible varieties require well-drained, high quality. organic soil. Use organic potting mulch or just good ol’ potting soil, and do NOT use any chemical pest killers -- control pests naturally -- watch for my next tips article on how to do so. Water only when needed, and never too heavily. There are about 50 different edible flowering plants you can grow in your home. They all need a temperature of at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit, plenty of sunlight, and a loving hand and voice.

Here is all of the other stuff you are going to need:

1. Containers

For beginning indoor gardeners, I recommend beginning with planter boxes, because using pots can be complicated, and I want you to succeed. I suggest using a redwood box. The dimensions will depend on the amount of available space. Normally, a box that is 6 inches wide by 18 inches long by 6-8 inches deep is standard, but you can buy them in any size and as many as you think will be fun and easy to manage. If you are anything like me, you may soon find them all over the house. At one point in my indoor growing addiction, I had forty of them all over the house. What do you think my wife thought of that? Box prices range from very cheap to very expensive. They start at around $4.95 and go up to $50.00 for fancy, hand-tooled, and nicely crafted boxes.

2. Organic Potting Soil

I like Bumper Crop products. I have always been happy using them with my gardening, and I highly recommend their products. Most nurseries carry Bumper Crop, but any ORGANIC mix will do.

3. Seeds or plant starts of choice

Select and obtain your choice of seeds or plant starts

4. Organic Fertilizer

I use blood, bone, hoof and horn, bat guano, and fish emulsion. You can even make some plant food in your kitchen, but we will talk about that another time.

5. Water

Water only when needed, and never too heavily.

6. Plastic Wrap

You will use plastic wrap under the box to prevent water damage to your floor and also to make protective tents.

7. Organic Pest Control

One example is Garlic Barrier, easily found on my website, as are various organic insecticide soaps. These days there are hundreds of organic products on the market to kill or deter pests. You can even grow some yourself.

8. A Kind and Loving Voice

Speak to your plants like you would or should a child, they will respond in kind.

This will all cost about 25 bucks, and that’s all it’s going to take to get started. No special gardening tools are needed. No expensive soil analysis is required. No chemicals should be used, because this is your indoor organic windowsill garden. You could in fact grow in as many windowsill boxes as you desire, as long as your family won’t think you have gone off the deep end, like mine did, with boxes scattered all over the house!

Happy Growing
“Eat Organic It’s The Best Bet For You And Your Family”

Jay North is an internationally recognized expert in organics and healthful living. He has also traveled the country preaching the benefits of an organic lifestyle and alternative healing methods. Please contact Jay through either of his websites and

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