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Organic Gardening Organic Gardening Organic Gardening
Organic Gardening Organic Gardening Organic Gardening
Organic Gardening Organic Gardening Organic Gardening
Organic Gardening Organic Gardening Organic Gardening
Organic Gardening Organic Gardening Organic Gardening
Organic Gardening Organic Gardening Organic Gardening
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Jay North
Mr. North has been featured in People Magazine, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The New Yorker, and thousands of other publications. Moreover Jay has appeared on The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, World News, Sunday Magazine, and hundreds of other TV and radio talk shows voicing informed opinions on edible flowers and organic farming.
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Organic Gardening
Whether you need someone to set up and maintain an organic landscape for you, or just need consultation on how to go it on your own, turn to us for complete, reliable service and phenomenal results. With over 30 years' experience, your organic landscape, large or small, will reap the benefits of an organic garden from Jay North & associates at
Organic Installations
     Once an organic garden is established and you are familiar with how to maintain it, you will be able to enjoy year-round colorful flowers, tasty herbs and vegetables, healthy fruits or whatever your heart desires. Depend on the experts at to set up your organic garden and teach you how to maintain and enjoy it for life!
Organic Edible Landscapes
     Fruits, vegetables and herbs are just the beginning of the healthy, earth-friendly organic produce you can enjoy with an organic garden or farm. Jay North of pioneered the industry of edible flowers! Have your flowers and eat them too- the variety of colors and tastes are too many to name here, but your choices won't be easy! Call today to begin designing, preparing and planting your edible landscape. The staff at can create it for you, maintain it for you or consult you on doing it yourself.
Organic Produce Marketing & Marketing Consultation
     If you plan to grow for selling, whether a small operation to take to local market or a large-scale enterprise for worldwide shipping, growing your organic produce won't be nearly as challenging as marketing your business. Most farmers don't realize that marketing can consume 50% of their time- this is time away from the farm you love! We can teach you the ropes of marketing your produce or create a custom campaign and implement it for you. Contact us at now to learn how we can make your sales soar as high as you wish.
Design & Planning
     Even do-it-yourselfers might hesitate when they look at their unprepared ground and try to envision the perfect organic landscape. For design and planning of your organic garden- with ornamental plants or edible produce- turn to the experts at to create the landscape design that best suits your size of land, landscape, soil texture, potential pest problems, budget and dreams of success. Contact today for consultation and/or implementation.
Irrigation Installation
     The subject of plant watering is complex, time-consuming and often filled with mystery. How much? How often? What if I can't be there to water the right amount at the right time? Don't let your hectic schedule prevent you from enjoying the organic garden or farm of your dreams- turn to for an irrigation system that will meet your needs, your budget and the needs of your plants.
Commercial Organic Farming Consultation
     If you are just looking into an organic farm or already have a production farm and want to convert to or add organic produce, is the first place to turn for consultation on design, implementation, training, literature or even hands-on help. Contact to begin the process of producing organic crops that will benefit your soil, be kind to the earth and will contribute to the overall health of our increasingly overweight and unhealthy population. The first thing People interested in an Organic Farming operation should do is buy and read Grow Yourself Rich, by Jay and than contact us for a consultation.
Home Garden Installations
     If you are tiring of the daily dependence on supermarkets, which can only offer mass-produced foods, usually highly processed, and the questionable practices of many food growers and suppliers, you have an option. Organic gardening can not only insure that you and your family are enjoying the highest quality foods, without chemicals and unnatural additives, you can save money and contribute to a healthier planet. Turn to to get your ornamental or edible organic garden started now!
     Soil preparation is the first step in beginning a successful garden or farm. Since rototilling isn't needed often, many don't want to invest in the equipment, time and effort to do it themselves. Call on for these and many other services. Over 30 years' experience, quality equipment, skilled workers, excellent references.
Landscape Prep
     If the perfect place for your garden or farm is overgrown with trees, bushes and undergrowth, can clear your land, prepare it for planting and even haul away the mess. Utilizing the most environmentally-friendly disposal methods, your landscape can be cleared and prepared for any size garden or farm. Land clearing and preparation for construction sites also available.
Weed Abatement
     Chemical weed killers are unnecessary with the proper organic gardening techniques. From hand-pulling to selective planting and properly mulching, weeds can be eliminated without the use of unhealthy chemicals that harm the environment and most likely your plants. Call on to remove your weeds the organic way, or train you to do it yourself.
     Digging, planting and properly covering and mulching is back breaking work. Many of us don't have the time, even if we wanted! Let the staff at plant your organic garden and leave you with nothing to do but enjoy and care for it! We can also consult you on maintenance and upkeep- and with 30 years in the business, you can depend on us being there in the future when you need to add or replace plants, create a larger garden or have other questions about your organic garden.
Organic Fertilizers
     Proper nutrients are essential for plants, just as they are for humans and animals. Buying a commercially produced fertilizer and applying it may be costly- you may be buying and adding nutrients your plants don't need, or you may be adding too much or too little of a nutrient to the balance of your soil and for the requirements of your plants. can determine the needs of your organic garden and apply the correct fertilizers at the proper times to ensure healthy plants and a long-lasting garden or farm.
Debris Hauling & Cleanup
     When you're finished clearing your land, pruning trees, shrubs and bushes or have an unmanageable pile of leaves or grass clippings, depend on to haul away your debris and dispose of it in an earth-friendly, environmentally sound way. Reliable, experienced, highly recommended by current and former clients. Call today to haul your debris away!
Tree Pruning
     Most tree workers know how to use a chain saw, but not much else. The experts at have experience and knowledge about tree pruning, limb removal and disposal that will be beneficial to the tree and the environment. You need more than a chain saw to prune trees- you need an expert in trees, plants and how to care for them.

Contact today for all your Organic Gardening needs.
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Gold & Silver, Old Watches, Native American rugs, blankets, baskets and beadwork, Small antiques and collectibles, Antique Colts and Winchesters, Organic Produce, Land with water, Herbal & Vitamin supplements

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Massage therapist, Chiropractor , Acupuncturist, Colin therapist, Dentist, Auto Mechanic, Editor, Webmaster, Marketing master, And your suggestions
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