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Jay North
Mr. North has been featured in People Magazine, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The New Yorker, and thousands of other publications. Moreover Jay has appeared on The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, World News, Sunday Magazine, and hundreds of other TV and radio talk shows voicing informed opinions on edible flowers and organic farming.
Organic Corner

All books for sale on this site: were written by Jay North.

You can purchase PDF copies of the books here at discounted prices. Click Here to purchase hard copies of the books at regular price.

The "Buy Now" buttons below are good for PDF downloads. Visit the Amazon Create Space bookstore to purchase hard copies.

Jay is a deep believer in healthy environmental practices, and we think saving a tree is a “good thing”. We hope that you are happy to purchase Jay’s books as E-books and download them right away. However, if you would still prefer a hardcopy, click the hardcopy request link below.

Coming Soon! Hard copy books available very soon at Jay's new Books Store with

Always Nice to hear from you. a reality!

Please note I am seeking an investor partner for a new publishing start up. Have on hand 10 books ready for press, published by One Globe Press. Please send interested parties to see Jay’s Books page. Qualified interested people can call Jay directly at 805-794-9126. Please feel free to order and download any book that interest you!

Peace, Jay

In Jay’s Books you’ll learn:

  • How to start your first organic garden.
  • How to improve your existing garden.
  • How to get a bountiful harvest from your windowsills
  • How to convert your farm to organics
  • How to start a new organic farm
  • How to increase your yields and market your fresh produce for fun and profit
  • Discover new metaphysical principles that could make rather dramatic changes in your life
  • Or as Walter might say, learn to be fun at a party!  

You already know that growing organic produce benefits both your body and soul.

Now learn how to grow more in less space and with less work.

Jay’s books also available at and very soon with Amazon’s Create Space

One Globe Press is the exclusive publisher of Jay North’s bold non-fiction books for the metaphysical, new age truth seekers and for want-to-be green thumbs.

Jay’s books shed light on important contemporary issues in environmental concerns and anticipated changes on Planet Earth, and make cutting-edge ideas on healing accessible to a broad audience. With Jay’s wide range of subjects, we are proud to publish his books and articles to help change conditions on planet Earth for the better.

As Leonard J. Mountain Chief, Jay’s native mentor would often repeat, “a change has got to come”. Sooner better than later!

Finally Walter’s vision for people coming together in love, written in a light fun way leads seekers to a new awaking that does not scream—this is the only way.

Enjoy Jay’s books—Please send a friend today…

Jay’s books can be purchased directly from this website and downloaded immediately in PDF. While we believe in saving trees, time and money—books can be ordered in hard copy from our Amazon book store. Soon Jay’s books available in hard copy in book stores throughout the USA and globally.

Walter's Big Adventure By Jay North as dictated by Walter! Walter's Big Adventure Illustrators, Art work by Anna Karakalou and Krystal Coomler

Truth be told—This is the story of the life of a West Highland Terrier, as told by me, Walter, with notes by Jay North, or the other way around, depending on which member of the family you're talking to.

My Dad came to visit one day after he met Patricia, "the breeder", as well as my real Mommy, Gal, and my brother, Oliver. It was love at first sight for both of us—Dad and I have been inseparable ever since.

My Dad had gone several years without a pet of his own, although he has had many; but I know I am his favorite, ever. He loves to tell people I'm his little "Zen Master", a Capricorn with Libra rising. He always says Pammy sent me to him. Pammy is Dad's former wife who passed on just four months before we met in 1998.

He likes to tell the story of how we met and that I named myself—Walter. It's true my dad can hear me when I speak to him. Even when I'm too tired to go for "walkies", he hears me tell him, "No, Daddy, I just want to lay on the grass in the shade today."

Here is the story of me and Daddy, enjoy:

Click Here to Purchase a Hard Copy.


Miracles In The Kitchen

The search for many people throughout the world today for better health and longevity has been an endless search through volumes of data. Now, with Jay's new book How Safe is Your Food? Miracles In The Kitchen readers have the opportunity to live longer, live happier, and live healthier, and get all the information they need from one location.

Press ReleaseMore Information


Download "How Safe Is You Food: Miracles In The Kitchen" today!

Click Here to Purchase a Hard Copy.



How to Cure Cancer Naturally

Now after almost 50 years of research into cancer and a possible cure, the American Medical Association can only say we have made headway, but we still don't have a cure.

Are there cures for what heretofore has been thought impossible? Perhaps there is!

Learn how to effectively treat and yes, even cure cancer. Get your copy of Jay's report via email now for only $2.00! Someone you love will be glad you did.


Click Here to Purchase a Hard Copy.


In Cases of Severe Health Challenges and Recovery

When faced with serious health challenges one will be required to make changes in diet, life style, and healing practices. I believe this short booklet just might be of value in your search for optimum health

Downloadable Version Available:

Click Here to Purchase a Hard Copy.

100 Simple Steps To Perfect Health and Spiritual Fulfillment

Natural--simple choices that will add years of joyous living to your life. Written in fun, easy to understand and apply techniques that can change your life.


Downloadable Version Available:

Click Here to Purchase a Hard Copy.



The Windowsill Organic Gardener

Your body and your taste buds will love the chemical-free treats you can grow in your own windowsill. Getting started is easy and inexpensive. Jay takes you step-by-step in this new book.

About this BookSynopsisPress Release

Download "The Windowsill Organic Gardener" today!

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What equipment do I need to get started? What plants are best for a beginner? What grows in my climate zone? What produces the most or grows the fastest? Find the answers here.

About this BookFree SampleReview

Download "Getting Started In Organic Gardening For Fun And Profit" today!
Only $9.95!

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Spice up your egg salad sandwich with Nasturtium blossoms! Put an end to humdrum meals… using the edible blossoms of common flowers. Astound your family… serve Edible Flowers tonight.


About this Book

Over One Hundred Thousand Copies Already Sold!

Not Available. Email to be notified when available again.





Learn Jay’s secrets compiled from after 30 years in marketing. Free Publicity? That’s just one of the secrets Jay reveals in Grow Yourself Rich. Use this book to market your organic produce… Or anything else you choose!

Press ReleaseAbout this Book


Download Grow Yourself Rich today!
Only $19.95!

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Open Spaces: My Life with Leonard J. Mountain Chief, Blackfeet Elder from Northwestern Montana

Come Into Sacred Ceremony With Jay and Leonard; learn ancient rituals, ceremonies, traditions and cultures of the Blackfeet Indians offer insight for Western civilization today… and tomorrow.

Come Into Sacred Ceremony with Jay and Leonard

Open Spaces SynopsisFree SamplePress Release
Book Review 1Book Review 2Book Review 3Book Review 4Book Review 5Book Review 6


Download Open Spaces today!
Only $19.95!

Click Here to Purchase a Hard Copy.


The Gift of Touch

The result of 35 years of study in the healing arts, The Gift of Touch shows how novices and professionals alike can use touch to release negative energy and pivot to positive energy flow… and create marvelous changes in both physical and mental well-being.

Revised. Doubled in Size

SynopsisMore InformationPress Release


Download The Gift of Touch today!
Only $19.95!

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How to Cure and Prevent Baldness

Three simple, inexpensive steps to prevent or reverse hair loss. These are so simple your Grandmother could do it. Guaranteed to work or your money back!


OverviewPress Release

Downloadable Version of this booklet Available:
Only $3.95!

Click Here to Purchase a Hard Copy.


How to Grow Cannabis—Organically and Legally

The present mind set about the growing of medical Marijuana has certainly changed considerably in many United States as well as throughout the world. Now many would be growers are finding a new way of growing a profitable crop, especially in California, Oregon and Washington states; as well as many others.


• Learn how to grow pot legally and profitably
• Find out trade secrets to grow Organic easily
• Free advice on how to develop your market
• #1 biggest secret, how to grow the highest quality bud

Follow Jay's 4 simple steps—in his easy to read, understand and apply report.Order today How To Grow Cannabis — organically and legally today

Want more growing data? Get it all for only $9.95 buy now Getting Started In Organic Gardening For Fun and Profit @ Cannabis report now included, see Jay's books page… Your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED

Downloadable Version of this booklet Available:
Only $4.95!

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Portion of proceeds are donated to charities that benefit children around the world

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