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Jay North
Mr. North has been featured in People Magazine, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The New Yorker, and thousands of other publications. Moreover Jay has appeared on The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, World News, Sunday Magazine, and hundreds of other TV and radio talk shows voicing informed opinions on edible flowers and organic farming.
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Cracking the DNA Code by Jay North: For over thirty five years Jay has had deep involvement in the healing arts as well as healing Mother Earth, he is committed to helping change vibrations on planet Earth and Beyond

Many philosophers have postulated ideas on longevity and living a long, healthy life for several hundred years of recent history, and to be more exact, in truth, for millions of years, either here on planet Earth or elsewhere. The main question is, “Can we Homo sapiens (human beings) live indefinitely or at least for a very long time?” Can we crack The DNA Code and live forever? Some philosophers and scientists are currently researching to a very deep level to explore and investigate the immortality of men and women, while many spiritualists might agree that we are, after all, immortal beings and we truly never die.

That is fine for the infinite souls! However, what about the body? How long can it go on? Is Enoch or Christ actually walking around in the same body they have always had? Have they so completely realized their native oneness with God/Goddess that they never “died”?

Further, the computation/postulate exists that with enough personal control, awareness, and personal power (i.e., our realization of who we really are God or pure consciousness), we can live forever. “Once we arrive at the “knowingness” of who we truly are, we shall not perish, but live forever.” Ras.
Is living forever really possible? Many believe it is so. Many of our greatest thinkers, writers, and philosophers in so-called new age paradigms, quantum physics, applied religious philosophies, and science agree on the principle of the power of intention, decisions, and original thought. In truth, original thought has much power in/over our lives and how long we live. That is, there is the notion that we are the creators of our own original thought and that with enough awareness, personal power (energy), concentration, or focus, we certainly do have the power to live a very long time, even indefinitely.

Also important to the equation are Matter, Energy, Space, and Time, with energy being the controlling factor. I will get more into this with the message that follows below. It suffices to say here that by controlling certain energy flows, it appears that we, as cognitive beings, can outlive what heretofore has been thought impossible.

In order to fully comprehend the material discussed within this document, understanding cellular memory processing is essential. Please note that I have explained in great detail cellular memory processing, including energy flows and pivoting energy, throughout the second part of this book. To fully understand this background information, it is essential that one re-reads, understands, and applies the methods in the aforementioned chapters.

For those of you who are reading this document and who read my earlier publication on the DNA Code, please be aware that it is essential to understand these processes completely. Take the time to go back through the earlier material and really get it. Questions will certainly come up during the reading of this material: What about a body that just gives up? What about obtaining a new, younger body (if one considers reincarnation as real)? Questions like this will arise: Do you mean people can survive terminal cancer, heart disease, or a tragic accident? Yes to all of the above, and these questions and the practical application of “pivoting original intent” and cracking the DNA Codes will be covered completely in this chapter.

One may assert that one does not wish to live forever, and that is perfect too, as we all have personal power, so we have personal choices. We all make choices every day in our lives, in all areas, including death and dying.

There seems to be some power outside ourselves that we align with and give power to. That is the power of attachment and detachment. These are in-capsulated implants. It appears that we should not have any connec¬tion to either. That is, if we want to go on living for a very long time or forever for that matter, attachment/detachment must be a cleared factor. The contemplation of attachment versus detachment can have an equally significant impact on other areas of our lives, such as money, health, Love, purpose, and so on. This shall be covered completely below during the conversation while meeting with Ras. In summary, he advises that we let go of our attachments and detach¬ments.

One can run this process of letting go of our attachments and detachments and expect to feel healthier, more vital, and a returned sense of purpose. Revitalizing basic purpose gives one enough power to “wake the dead.” The natural outcome to running this process of letting go of our attachments and detachments to death and dying can increase one’s longevity, or living forever, as one chooses.
The following is research that is partially based on channeled information from the entity Ras, or Rasputin, to be more exact. Ras came to me to deliver this message. Other thoughts have come from a few other contributing entities, and some are my own conclusions. I hope you find this material valuable and are able to put it to good use in your life and in the lives of those you LOVE.

Channeled information from Ras

Dear Ones,

There are indeed codes that can be cracked by humans to unlock the mystery and the apparent need to die or give up the body. The codes do, in fact, unlock the keys to life and the dying of the human body. The codes are contained at the very smallest cellular level and are hidden within in-capsulated cells that contain decisions, conclusions, contracts, postulates, projections, judgments, agreements, resistances, and fear of death and dying.

This information you are about to receive is, in fact, at the very deepest level of awakening and for those seeking a deep understanding of who they truly are and regaining their personal strength and power. It will prove itself valuable in its application “for information without application is useless.”

People of planet called Earth desire various things, among the stuff they consider important. One may consider money, homes, cars, trucks, SUVs, and other toys to be of extreme value and importance in one’s life, and I have no judgment on what one possesses or does not create to possess. If money brings one happiness in some form, whatever form, I am happy for one.

In truth, one most desires LOVE. People of planet Earth desire Love, Peace, Joy, Freedom, Knowledge, Wisdom, and the return to knowing who they truly are and exactly what they have come here to do. People require of themselves to live in harmony with others and the return to the knowingness of one spirit, no matter how one labels it.


We Are One? individual but one!
In this opportunity to unravel the DNA Codes, one shall find the keys to true peace, happiness, joy, and LOVE. One will also learn how to apply them in their lives.

Jah Jay, in summary, if one just breathes and relaxes, one shall possess all of the knowledge by oneself. There is a practical application one could DO on a daily basis that will bring one to exactly where one wishes to be. Be it enough to say just “breathe.”


Information from Ras and Mother
Breathe. Take in Goodness’s (if one should judge such) fresh, clean mountain air. Breathe in through your nose completely. Inhale goodness, knowledge, wisdom, peace, joy, harmony, and LOVE completely. Exhale all toxins through your mouth. Let out all poisons, lies, evil (if one should judge such). Also, let go completely of all attachments—detach from the world and relax. Exhale and relax.

Just Breathe
Continue to breathe. Continue daily to consciously breathe and relax. For several minutes every day, just breathe and allow what you most desire to come into your experience, enter into your sphere, and appreciate it in whatever form it comes in, with no judgment of the experience. Give thanks.

Breathe, relax, and allow. It does not matter what you allow into your experience as long as you most desire it: long life, health, peace, joy, harmony, creation, destruction of evil. Break away and pivot your attachment to decisions, conclusions, projections, judgments, fears, angers, regrets, contracts, postulates, and all attachment to resistance to what you think you do not want. Just breathe, relax, and allow. Allow the experience of your own choosing and experience it completely. Allow the result you desire to occur, without attachment to it, and relax.

“Too simple,” one may say. “I can’t just breathe myself into living a long life or forever. It’s just not scientifically possible!”

“No,” says Ras. “Okay, let’s go deeper into relaxation.”

Throughout one’s many incarnations, one has departed from oneness many times and gives up or refuses to know who they truly are. One is or can be implanted with thoughts, ideas, projections, judgments, considerations, decisions, conclusions, resistances, fears, and unknowingness. This has only helped to decrease one’s ability to know and one’s own personal power to choose one’s life experience here on planet Earth. At the very deepest level, held IN by one’s own power through focus and resistance, one has decreased one’s ability to live a very long time or forever.

To break the DNA Code, one must breathe, relax, and pivot the energy connected to the Code. By pivoting, we mean turning polarity enough to where all resistance dissipates, and there is no charge (energy) left on the subject.

One who has departed from oneness has left the sun, is separated from universal knowledge and GOD/GODDESS power, and refuses to know. That, my dear ones, is how one dies—by giving up one’s own power, strength, and abilities.

Break the DNA Code
Find the implant on a cellular energy level contained within in-capsulated form. Pivot the thought, idea, judgment, attachments, detachments, conclusions, and resistance on the original postulate that one cannot live forever, one must die. Turn polarity, pivot the energy, and allow it to dissipate and then release and disconnect completely. By disconnecting, one disconnects themselves from the agreement and the resistance to be connected to the thing itself. Releasing and disconnecting are essential.

As in all procedures in this book, there is a procedure to unlocking the DNA Codes, and finally here it is. One may run this procedure on oneself and also apply it to others and help to relieve their suffering from dis-ease and death, and turn polarity on the requirement for one’s body death experience.

Here is the procedure:

From Ras:
In Mother/Father God, join in unison with us here today. Guide us into our highest state, and let us be one with you. Shroud us in light, protection, and LOVE. Give us the wisdom to be what you would have us be. Very Good. Let us begin.

Breathe, relax, and allow
Take three deep breaths, inhale completely, and exhale completely. And relax! Inhale all goodness. Exhale all toxins. Relax and allow yourself to be the divine creator that you are (we are all divine creators of our own experience). Allow perfect health, longevity, perfect peace, LOVE, joy, and abundance into our experience. And so it is…

DNA implant open
Give the instructions “DNA implant open” to oneself or to another’s self. Relax and locate the original postulate. That is, locate the time, place, form, and event of the idea that one must die or give up one’s body, according to DNA implant. Find the thought, conclusion, decision, agreement, and resistance to death. Turn polarity (pivot) on the energy connected to the original postulate. Turn it completely throughout all time, all space, and all dimensions. Turn the original thought or idea about death and dying. On a DNA level, turn polarity, release, and disconnect. Disconnect from the attachment of the outcome and breathe. Continue until all charge dissipates. Run your hands over your body to find the in-capsulated charge. Pull it out and send it elsewhere (See the chapter on Cellular Memory Processing).
Once complete, stop! Run the procedure until all charge dissipates. When it’s done, it’s done, and it’s time to move on.

Now, repeat the following mantra for yourself or a loved one:

I am a grand creator. I choose my longevity. I choose life and my good health. I break all contracts, agreements, and decisions on or about death and dying. I choose life and so it is.

One will find this energetic DNA charge hidden within in-capsulated form. One must defuse the capsule and release the charge, allow it to go, and allow oneself to be reborn into a new original postulate by regaining one’s ability to set new postulates and therefore live as long as one chooses or not. In truth, there is no death. There is only life with new beginnings.
Implanted commands and phrases to look for defuse the capsule and unlock the charge, thus cracking the codes:

Run these codes, commands, and phrases and any others you find:
• I am going to die some day.
• I can’t spot DNA Code.
• I am afraid to die.
• Fear of death.
• Everybody dies.
• I just can’t take this. I want to die.
• We all die.
• It is in my DNA that I am going to die.
• No one lives forever.
• Dying is just part of the deal.
• Two things you can depend on are death and taxes.
• No one is immortal.
• The body just does not live forever.
• I am getting too old to live much longer.
• The body ages and dies. That is how things work.
• I was created to die.
• The game is a trap. Everyone dies in the end.
• The body is like a machine that just breaks down and dies.
• I am dying here.
• I am dying.
• Death is inevitable.
• No one lives past 110 years old.
• You can expect to die at about the same age as when your parents did.
• I do not want to live past (a predetermined age).
• The body withers and dies.
• Who wants to live in an ill body?
• DNA implant forced upon one by mother.

The above codes, implants, instructions, phrases, and commands are examples of what one may find hidden in the codes of GE/DNA . Run these and others and you will find a point of no charge. Then set in place in your own universe a new postulate?by your own choice.

People can run these procedures on themselves by closing their eyes, breathing, relaxing, and sweeping their own hands over their body to help locate where the charge is held, pull it out, and turn polarity (pivot) the energy.

Practitioners, use this procedure to run the implants off using your hands three to four inches over your client’s body in the same fashion as all other processes. This may take more than one session to get all of this charge. There are millions of years of accumulated charge to get, so get it all. The outcome is improved health, vitality, returned or renewed purpose, and, of course, longevity.
The process can be run more than once per lifetime, as this stuff can “key-in” or become active from just walking down the street. For this reason alone, apply breathing techniques daily and relax. The above procedure does not require power or force. Use it gently, effortlessly, and with total ease and joy. Just breathe and allow.

One will find DNA Code charges hidden in the GE force as well. One will use the same procedure as above for unlocking GE/DNA Code. Locate the original postulate as a being coming into life (a body) postulating death and run source (original postulate), POCTP . Release and disconnect from this charge in the same manner as above. They are, in fact, two separate but equal implants . What is the important ingredient is that we defuse the energy from the original postulate (implant) and regain our own personal strength and power back, allowing one to easily control matter, space, and time, and the ability to use our energy to be the most fun.

Note to practitioners: Find the original postulate and turn polarity by using your hands, as in all procedures throughout this book.

Of curious notation is the “isness” (is what it is) that we get, what we get, from implants by either accepting (agreeing with) them, or to our own resistance to the same. One chooses their longevity with clarity. One can remain with one’s body indefinitely.

Questions for Ras:

Do you mean we just locate the time we decided to die on a DNA level, turn polarity on it, and live forever?
Ras: Yes!

What about good health practices on planet Earth? Are they real or not?

Ras: These are merely considerations, but yes, your friend Jah Jay wrote a whole book devoted to good eating practices, diet, exercise, and good health. One may choose to read it. Find Jay’s book Miracles In the Kitchen at his website and download it. Yes, among the choices you make are what you ingest.

How do I know if I have found the original postulate?
Ras: You will know by how it feels. If it’s “hot,” stay with it until it cools and dissipates completely.

What if I get sick and I don’t want to live forever?
Ras: Choices, my friend. It is all about choices. Run “getting sick” with the same procedure as above.

How are my happiness, joy, and purpose connected to longevity?
Ras: Your happiness depends on you discovering who you really are and living what you came here to do, not on how long you keep your present body.

Is the aging process included in this process?
Ras: Yes, run the same exact process with the aging command as the implant phrase to pivot, such as, “Everybody gets old, or we all age.”

You mentioned in the beginning processing all areas of our life with this data. Can you expand on this?
Ras: Yes, everything in one’s life has polarities. Pivoting is essential in order for one to break free of the chains that bind one. Please read Jah Jay’s book Open Spaces. He covers other areas completely and with harmony.

The proceeding is from Jay’s book The Gift Of Touch, download your copy now

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